Activity:  No other platform gives you so much power to create unique and engaging business experiences. Enjoy the rich and immediately available features, unlimited capacity to customize and a greater variety of third-party integrations without complications. With Magento Commerce, you have the support of a global ecosystem of merchants, partners and developers to help you realize your business vision.


Activity:  SMARTUP is a digital agency based in Spain and present in different countries, whose differential value is the integration of all the services of the online marketing value chain, as well as the quantification of the results of all our projects. From this perspective we define and carry out projects in the field of search engine positioning, actions to convert traffic into sales, target loyalty or analysis and reinforcement of a brand in the online medium. With a team of more than 40 people, our goal is to grow with our customers.


Activity: Telcel (Radiomóvil Dipsa) is a subsidiary of América Móvil, one of the largest cellular communications providers in Latin America, a leading group with investments in telecommunications in several countries of the Americas. Telcel is the leading mobile phone company in Mexico. Our solidity and structure consolidate us thanks to the specialization and permanent updating of all the people that work in it. All of us are committed to efficiently and consistently satisfy all of our clients' wireless communication needs


Activity: Correos de México has the largest logistics delivery network in the country to cover 97% of the national territory with 1,437 customer service offices, 110 Corporate Customer Service offices, 65 Classification Centers and 24,276 points with third parties, which allows you to handle 3 million shipments per day. Currently in Mexico Post there are 2,209 postal routes, 16 trunk routes and 80 primary routes, which together travel 3.7 million kilometers per month, which is equivalent to giving 3 times around the world daily. 


Activity: WeWork is a platform that offers more than 400,000 members around the world the spaces, community and physical and digital services they need to create and develop their ideas. We currently have more than 400 physical locations in more than 99 cities and 26 countries worldwide.


Activity: Weborama has constantly innovated in the field of Data since 1998. Through the use of PLN (Natural Language Processing) and semantic analysis, the company builds taxonomies, profile databases and technological tools that make possible a more efficient management of the digital content and therefore the optimization of online marketing campaigns.


Activity: NeoRed offers personalized services and email marketing software based on permission, at an attractive price. NeoRed has clients throughout the Mexican Republic and Latin America, covering a wide variety of industries including: Hotels Camino Real, Nine West, UNAM, Chamber of Commerce Mexico City, National Auditorium, RadioShack, ITESO, among others. Founded in 1999, NeoRed is now a Public Limited Company incorporated in 2005 with an operations center in Mexico City.


Activity: At a time when increasing online fraud is costing companies billions of dollars each year in fraudulent accounts and transactions, false positives and high manual review costs, Emailage has emerged as a key player to help companies to reduce these losses. Our predictive score for online fraud risk is a stand-alone solution that allows companies to assess risk using the reputation, behavior and metadata of the email address.


Activity: Global provider of cloud commerce platforms for corporate companies. VTEX is a leader in technology for e-commerce and a pioneer in marketing software as a service in Latin America. With innovation and an end-to-end e-commerce solution, VTEX is ready to support omni-channel challenges and leverage retailers or wholesalers with differentials in the market, providing them with a competitive, robust and low-cost solution.


Activity: We help our business partners increase their sales, improving the customer's shopping experience with photography and content development solutions that bring products closer to consumers to drive the purchase decision.


Activity: Since 1999, Digital Element provides global geolocation data and services that provide context and relevant data at any time and place. The company's patented technology has been accredited and certified to provide real-time access to a location intelligence. For almost two decades, many of the most popular websites, companies, security companies, ad networks, social media platforms and mobile content publishers have relied on Digital Element technology.


Activity: FedEx is an airline and logistics company of American origin, which has international coverage. It was founded under the name Federal Express in 1971 by Frederick W. Smith in Little Rock, moved to Memphis in 1973. FedEx is an abbreviation of the original name of the company: Federal Express


Activity: Consultant that promotes, creates and implements the Digital Transformation that each organization requires, making the technology support all its business strategy. Through digitization, document management, optimization and automation of business processes, we manage to orchestrate all the information, technology and resources and focus them to get loyal customers, happy employees and an administration with more profits and less expenses.


Activity: Zoho offers a very intelligent software that will help you grow your business. With more than 30 million users worldwide, Zoho's more than 40 products help your sales and marketing needs, support and collaboration, finance and contracting, allowing you to focus solely on your business. Zoho CRM is our flagship service and has won many awards, such as the 2012 CRM Magazine Market Leader Award and the 'Awesome' 2012 App Award. Zoho Corporation is a private and profitable company headquartered in Pleasanton, California with offices in North America and Asia.


Activity: Clickwise is an international network based on results marketing. We have positioned ourselves in Mexico and throughout LATAM as one of the first affiliation networks, which makes us pioneers in the market. We have 22 thousand affiliates around the world with very good quality traffic and leading campaigns in the online market that rely on us to increase their sales.


Activity: It has 30 specialists and creatives working on digital advertising projects for 12 years


Activity: Activity: Campaigns for B2C and B2B digital marketing (Google, Facebook, social networks, linkedin, affiliation, etc ...), landing page design, websites and ecommerce, accurate measurement of results.


Activity: Icecat is the only free catalog of technical data sheets in the world in cooperation with high-tech manufacturers and online retailers. The Icecat technical specifications are fully approved by the sponsoring brands and distributed free of charge through the online channel.


Activity: We are an e-commerce platform development agency, official Magento Partners. We seek with our team of Developers backend & frontend, Creatives, Marketers, Designers UX & UI and Project Managers to synergize with our clients to unleash the power of Magento and create disruptive experiences in electronic commerce.


Activity: Sr. Pago is a Bluetooth reader that accepts payments with debit and credit cards as well as remote payments. You do not need RFC or bank account.


Activity: Increase your visibility on the web, your e-reputation and your sales giving voice to your customers! Verified Reviews is an omnichannel solution specialized in the collection, moderation and publication of customer opinions. Part of the Net Reviews group, founded in April 2012, we now have a physical presence in Marseille (central office), Berlin, Madrid, Miami and São Paulo, which allows us to develop the markets of Europe, North America and America Latina Today, we have more than 6,000 international clients, including many large accounts (Fnac, Lacoste, Swatch, Crocs, OfficeMax, Carglass, among others).



Activity: Ephesoft is the intelligent document capture and processing solution, which automatically identifies, classifies and extracts critical data for your company hosted on documents using Machine Learning technology. In this way, having exploitable and valuable digital content that feeds systems and processes in a safe and efficient way, can lead your organization to be paper free and remove manual work in processes such as claims, bill payments, shipping and more.


Activity: Openpay is an advanced provider of payment methods. With our technology you can cash in stores, credit and debit cards, SPEI, bank points and SiVale and all additional methods.


Activity: In Redegal we design and develop web pages, create e-commerce stores, manage the reputation of your brand and optimize your advertising campaigns in order to make your online presence profitable. With more than 14 years of experience in the information technology sector, we offer a global service that covers all short, medium and long-term needs. We have participated in the strategy of more than 100 clients from all sectors.


Activity: Riskified is the world’s leading eCommerce fraud-prevention company, trusted by hundreds of global brands – from luxury fashion houses and retail chains, to gift card and ticket marketplaces.
The rise of eCommerce has revolutionized how we shop, as stores and products come to us. Unfortunately, it has also revolutionized the way that fraudsters steal. Today’s thieves shop online and use sophisticated techniques to try to fool retailers into believing that a fraudulent order is genuine. That’s where Riskified comes in.
Fraud is a serious problem, and we believe merchants deserve a serious commitment. We work closely with our partners to ensure that they maximize their revenue and get the most from our solution.


Activity: MediaAgility is a digital consulting company with the vision of making work productive, enjoyable, meaningful and attractive to all. Our highly specialized advisory and implementation services are focused on Collaboration, Innovation and Analysis. Improve your operations, connect better with your clients, better train your employees with a deeper collaboration, applying new products and services through collaboration with our team of experts.


Activity: We are a high impact technology agency, founded in 2015. We develop Hardware Software and more. We design and develop customized technological solutions with the use of cutting-edge technologies and high user experience (UI / UX). We are currently experts in:
Web development
Mobile Development
Internet of Things
Robotic Process Automation.


Activity: It is the only professional Career Center in Mexico that promotes the development of people and companies. With its OCC Publicidad business line, it helps brands reach their targets by creating, designing and implementing digital campaigns that generate a real impact on audiences. We are currently experts in: UI / UX Web development Mobile Development Internet of Things eCommerce Robotic Process Automation.


Activity: Enapsys is the leading company in Mexico, specialized in the design and implementation of SAP CRM strategies. We have the largest number of reference customers in SAP CRM implementations in Mexico. The company is made up of a team of consultants specialized in business processes and certified in the latest versions of the SAP CRM solution.


Activity: At Alfresco we believe that business is in constant flux between decisions and information and it is our mission to make that flow fast, correct and smart, which is why our modern open standards platform digitizes critical business processes and connects People with the information they require immediately, efficiently and effortlessly. The incredible Alfresco ecosystem is made up of more than 200 solutions, nearly 1,300 clients such as Cisco and NASA, and a large community of partners with thousands of developers focused on your organization flowing towards digital transformation.


Activity: We are a globally born company based in Chile and Mexico. We have more than 10 years of experience in the transport and logistics industry. We have been involved in the development of ecommerce products in one of the world's leading logistics companies. Our mission is to strengthen and facilitate the electronic commerce of our clients, offering safe, reliable and easy-to-use tools to integrate their logistics services.


Activity: Infobip operates one of the largest omnichannel messaging platforms in the world, designed to connect operators, companies and users. Our offices in 6 continents and strategic alliances with the largest telecommunication groups guarantee perfect integration and delivery. With presence throughout the world, 60% of the world population interacts with our services.


Activity: We are a multicultural team working on the transformation of the e-commerce ecosystem. We work every day to create a product that can automatically optimize the advertising of your online store. Using mathematical models and machine learning, our platform has completely surpassed the agencies dedicated to Google Shopping campaigns, generating better performance and reducing the time of human labor in the process of creating campaigns, which has given incredible results and has allowed our customers to increase their conversions and compete in a smarter way.


Activity: Ixia helps customers manage the unpredictable world of IT and protects them against security threats through actionable insight into the performance, stability and security of their applications and networks. Ixia enables organizations to deliver a seamless, reliable and secure experience to their customers. Whether it is testing a product, validating the integrity of a security infrastructure or monitoring a real-time operation, Ixia can help.

Bahia 360

Activity: In Bahia 360 we offer services in three verticals: 1.Marketing Digital (communication strategy, content, plans and media purchase), 2.Product (through technology to be able to tell stories with Augmented Realit, Virtual Realit or Digital goods, applications, web sites) and Loyalty (we create value plans for the consumer and brands).



Activity: Financial platform focused on boosting small and medium businesses offering services much faster, more effectively and 100% online. Creze is the best opportunity for the growth of your SME thanks to the development of technology in favor of the largest market in the country.



Activity: At BlackSip we are dedicated to connecting the strategy with tangible business results through the power of technology. We have the knowledge and certified experience to design, build and manage digital business channels that allow us to take advantage of the potential that a market like Mexico has for companies in all industries and sectors.


Activity: Marketing4eCommerce is the first print and online magazine specializing in marketing news for eCommerce. We are the first Mexican media marketing online dedicated body and soul to analyze in detail the latest developments in the Digital Universe regarding e-commerce.


Activity: We are a digital marketing agency created in 2003 and specialized in ecommerce. Our team has the best accredited professionals as Google Partners in all disciplines: Search, Display, Analytics, Video, Shopping and Mobile. Geotelecom was named as a Google Premier Partner agency in 2016, an award given to the best agencies in the sector. Our CEO, Jorge Arias, is Google Regional Trainer for Spain and Latin America; and he has been able to instill in the whole team his passion for digital marketing, continuous learning and a job well done. In them lies the philosophy of the company and are our fundamental pillars to develop a specialized, professional and effective work.


Activity: We are a team of more than 80 professionals in Barcelona, ​​Madrid, Vigo and Mexico City that we put at your service. If you enter any of the Elogia offices scattered around the world you will see all kinds of people, but they all share something: our values. We are professionals concerned with detecting errors, analyzing them and learning from them. In Elogia people are integrated with R & D in the DNA. People who are excited and involved with the challenges.


Activity: The mission of u-GOB has been from the beginning to spread the practices of government innovation enabled by technology to promote in turn better governments for citizens. To recognize outstanding projects is to find that, within all the governmental machinery, there are people, teams, areas, which are more than an element of the current; they are engines that help the machinery to keep moving, and beyond that, they are disruptors, they are sometimes the ones who change the inertia and provoke the transformation in the organizations.


Activity: We develop and implement ecommerce solutions, apps for mobile phones and tablets, we generate integral digital marketing strategies and we do web design and development.

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